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Monday, August 14, 2006

Freedom of Speech re-instated?..........No. :o)

In an interesting development, the last two comments of mine that were censored by David@Tokyo, have now mysteriously re-appeared.
David has suggested in the past that I didn't know what a 'reload'/'refresh' button was. However since I do and last time this happened the censored comment was there after using the 'reload', then disappeared the next day, before re-appearing after David was upbraided for censorship.......
Perhaps this time Blogger have experienced a technical glitch? :o)

I think we are getting a little closer to the truth now, the comments have just been re-censored, but this time I caught my IWMC comment with only half of the comment displayed and then none of it displayed; so readers are safe to conclude that David is playing games, in the hope of obtaining a debating advantage.
Nice try David but no cigar. :o)

The blue ribbon is a symbol for freedom of speech on the net.


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