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Monday, August 14, 2006

Censorship IV - Update to David@Tokyo's campaign to keep the world safe from 'unwelcome' debate. :o)

(photo courtesy of Geek Philosopher)

David has censored another comment that doesnt fit his anti environmentalist propaganda; he has also moved the blog entry it was posted on from his current list to his archive list....coincidence? :o)


IWC 2006: More on NZ's unsustainable ecotourism

Dolphins could face extinction says expert

One of the most pathetic things I saw when watching the IWC 58 meeting in St Kitts back in June was a New Zealand representative (not sure, but I think it was Mike Donohue from the DoC) taking issue with a report from the scientist mentioned in the article linked above about whether the Doubtful Sound tourism ventures were dolphin watching cruises or Fjord viewing cruises.

Honestly. It doesn't matter what the cruises are for.

What's important is sustainability. Vehicle traffic, regardless of it's intent, appears to be putting the sustainability of this unique dolphin population at great risk.

Eco-tourism advocates should not live in a dream world and think that whale-watching or other activities are environmentally benign.

Conservation should not be confused with doing the Disney thing and "saving" animals from natural phenomenons like predation.

The world is not a zoo. We have to look after it properly.

- David@Tokyo, 15th July 2006


Censored Comment -

David claims that the Japanese whaling fleet should be allowed to kill Minke whales 'sustainably' because they are not an endangered species and the ICR ships are operating within the legal framework drawn up by the IWC.

David also claims that Bottlenose Dolphins should be protected from non lethal ecotourism because allegedly he believes it is not 'environmentally benign'; but Bottlenosed dolphins are not an endangered species either, the ecotours are operating within a legal framework drawn up by the New Zealand Department of Conservation and the Doubtful Sound dolphins can and will move, if they dislike the attention. Harpooned Minke whales on the other hand.............

How can David hold two conflicting viewpoints at the same time?
David is a supporter of the New Zealand political party ACT and here is what Wikipedia has to say about ACT -

'Critics of the party point out that ACT is more interested in scoring political points and gaining media exposure than in participating in constructive dialogue...Many of its rank-and-file members are also perceived to have more in common with neo-conservatism than classical liberalism'

David has on several occasions in the past mentioned the Japanese Fisheries Ministry's support for a lowering of its Tuna quotas as a demonstration of its good faith over 'sustainable' exploitation. Indeed David repeatedly claims that 'sustainability' is his only concern.
Turns out that environmental NGOs concerns are correct.

It appears that quotas mean absolutely nothing to the Japanese Fisheries Ministry apart from convenient propaganda tools; whether they ask for them to be lowered, raised or stay the same, business will continue as usual regardless...unsustainably!

Good reason for the IWC to treat the Japanese Fisheries Ministry delegation's disingenuous 'sustainable' pro whaling propaganda with justified skepticism.

- Lamna nasus


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