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Monday, August 14, 2006

Censorship III -

David@Tokyo, who recently tried to portray himself as a champion of democracy on Wavemakers Blog is still unable to meet democratic standards on his own blog. :o)

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'Instead of making up excuses for things to try to twist the world in your favour, first decide on your principles.
Do you really believe in democracy, or don't you?'
- David@Tokyo, 14th July 2006

David's comment reminded me that I had been most remiss and had not actually posted the justification for my criticisms of the IWMC (David's favourite 'greenwashing' NGO) in response to David's challenge on his blog.
I had posted it on my own, with a link since I was sure that David would immediately censor the comment if it was posted on his blog. After his comments on Wavemaker's blog however, I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt.
Needless to say it has been censored and there is no record of it or the fact it has been censored on David's blog.
Go David! Champion of freedom and democracy! :o)

So here is David's challenge and my censored response for anyone who hasn't read / doesn't have time to read the full unexpurgated debate -

Deleted again.

> Which fact about the IWMC did you believe inaccurate and why? -

Read what you wrote again (it's at your blog). Then justify every single one of those "facts" you stated about the IWMC with evidence.

You will not be able to do so, because your post included verifiably false information. Ann and I discussed the lies for which your post was deleted. When I showed counter-evidence to Ann previously, she agreed that her attribution of the position in question was not correct. You have either failed to see this exchange, or you ignored it.

You are welcome to search the comments on my blog (on your own time) to find it.

I simply refuse to deal with such nonsense more than once. If you would grow up and actually not post verifiable lies, you'll not find your posts getting deleted. Behave like an adult - simple as that. I'm looking for discussion here, not endless tirades of nonsensical abuse.

In the meantime, until you show that you have some integrity by acknowledging the verifiable lies that you have posted with regards to IWMC, you are banned indefinitely, and you are also banned without further response. I simply don't have time to waste on you, if this is the way you intend to behave. My time is better spent on people with integrity. It is not my goal to communicate with those people who demonstrate that they have no integrity.



Censored Post

Why is David so upset about my comments about IWMC? Well it appears that Eugene Lapointe and his organisation are something of a touchstone for David and indeed many adherents of the discredited 'sustainable development' theory.

The IWMC is a greenwashing lobby organisation which has recently decided to broaden its scope by appealing to the gun lobby in the USA, a very valuable source of revenue, just ask the NRA.

On the IWMC website there is an 'IWMC Forum' –

This forum claims - ’The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and participants in the IWMC Internet Forum do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of or official policies of IWMC World Conservation Trust.’

However since the only way to be published on the forum is via IWMC and since the forum specifically states it is only for ‘friends and supporters’ clearly anything published has the approval of the IWMC –

So when in June 2006 the article mentioned below was given headline billing on IWMC’s homepage, any suggestion that it is not IWMCs express intention to raise its profile with the pro-gun lobby is laughable.

'Why gun bans don’t work…and what to do. However well-intentioned, gun bans are likely to get the opposite results of what they are intended to achieve. To stop them, the shooting/hunting community needs to get pro-active.'
By James A. Swan, Ph.D.
Author of "In Defense of Hunting"

It is worth noting that using its usual political spin, the IWMC is making a link to 'hunting' to justify this new angle. However since the majority of the article concerns itself with hand guns in San Francisco........

I had a particularly good laugh at this piece of historical revisionism -

'The well-armed Swiss militia dissuaded the Nazis from invading in World War II'

The combined might of the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe was deterred by some well armed Swiss policemen?! RAOTFLMAO.

So thats the gun part of my comments about the IWMC covered, now for the rest.

The IWMC's president Eugene Lapointe is a former CITES dismissed Secretary General.
Lapointe (a French Canadian lawyer) was fired from CITES in 1990 after being found campaigning against a ban on the ivory trade.
In a very strange postscript to this sacking, a tribunal of three people awarded financial compensation to Lapointe for a 'capricious and abitrary' dismissal; yet Lapointe was not re-instated.
It would be extremely interesting to locate more information on this tribunal but Lapointe appears to be the only person on record regarding its findings.
In his book, "Embracing the Earth's Wild Resources" Lapointe notes that an official at the US State Department when asked about the campaign to remove Lapointe from office commented "Our actions were motivated by the necessity of protecting valuable species such as elephants, whales..."
Well DAH! Lapointe was abusing his position as Secretary General of CITES, an organisation designed to protect endangered species in order to exploit them!

Lapointe now advises Japan, Norway, China, Canada and many industries on how to legally avoid animal trade legislation.

His organisation actively supports Whaling, Sealing, the Ivory trade and Shark finning; as listed on the IWMC website

Lapointe admits that he has been at the forefront of resistance to eliminate the secret ballot in CITES. Despite the fact that a secret ballot is beneficial in protecting the man on the street during elections; it is open to huge abuse in international political organisations where transparency becomes a much more important issue. After all if the scientific argument for 'sustainable development' is so incontravertable there is no reason for any nation to vote for it in secret.

Since Lapointe is an Ex Secretary General of CITES, you would expect his organisation to demonstrate a mature and statesmanlike approach to politics?
In which case you would expect wrong! :o)

MOST TIRESOME SPEAKER New Zealand's didactic Commissioner Sir Geoffrey Palmer. Blah blah blah.
-IWMC, 2004

IWMC intends to do its part to see that the obstructionist tactics of do-nothing delegations and their NGO colleagues do not carry this or any other day.
- IWMC, 2003

You might also expect the IWMC to be in favour of scientific research to back 'sustainable development'?
Wrong again I'm afraid! -

The United States plan to research its bowhead stock structure, thereby delaying any tough decisions on its quota for years.
- IWMC, 2004

Although funding details for the IWMC are far from easy to come by, IWMC receives some funding from the World Conservation Trust Foundation.
WCTF is a corporation registered in Canada
WCTF's President is...Eugene Lapointe.

Lapointe is on record as saying IWMC funding comes from Japan, Norway, China, Canada, and "two small European countries."

Oslo Dagbladet reported on 24 May 2000: "Before the CITES meeting in Nairobi on the trade in endangered species in April, the Ministry of Fisheries and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave large sums of money to Norwegian and foreign lobby organizations in order to ensure a majority for commercial whaling. Some of the lobbyists have very dubious reputations."

"IWMC, an American organization with a questionable reputation and strong economic interests, received 50,000 Norwegian kroner ($6,250) from the Ministry of Fisheries," the newspaper stated. A March 2000 letter from the ministry to IWMC head Eugene Lapointe stated that the government funds were "to carry out activities related to CITES COP 11 and IWC 52 as described in your application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Support from other Norwegian sources will be allocated separately."

Eugene Lapointe is also on the National Advisory Board of the National Wilderness Institute, some of the funding sources for this organisation will give readers an idea of the corporate sources likely to be contributing funds to the WCTF and the IWMC.

National Wilderness Institute Foundation Grants -

Mobile Foundation - $5000 - 1996

Monsanto Fund - $1000 - 1996

Mobile Foundation - $5000 - 1995

Monsanto Fund - $1000 - 1995

Mobile Foundation - $10,000 - 1995

National Wilderness Institute Corporate Grants -

Chevron - $5000 - 1996

ExxonMobil - $15000 - 1995

Chevron - $5000 - 1995

Chevron - $5000 – 1994

The real reason David does not offer a link to his insubstantial defence of IWMC with Ann is because he couldn't find it on his own blog since it was never there. David has forgotten that he actually had that discussion with Ann on someone else's blog and she was not in total agreement with him.

- Lamna nasus






  • At Friday, August 18, 2006, Blogger Lamna nasus said…

    Update -

    The anti gun ban article I first noticed back in May / June 2006 on IWMC's homepage and referenced in my post, still has headline billing there today.


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