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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It seems Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit took great exception to my posting a request for greater transparency regarding his involvement with the Climate Denialist political movement, on his blog.. resulting in the excision of my posts.

It would therefore appear his support for freedom of speech and dislike of alleged media 'bias' regarding anthropogenic forcings to Climate change, doesn't extend to his own editorial policy.. unless its the freedom to agree with him and his coterie of fanboys?

So in the interests of freedom of speech, countering media bias and holding Climate Audit's editor to account.. here is the final, approved 'Ministry of Truth' Climate Audit version -


.. here is the thread after the editorial knife had been wielded.. amusingly, a post referring to one of my own Blog threads appears to have been temporarily overlooked -


..and here is the censored material -


The Climate Audit thread can be found here -

The comments on my Blog (referred to by James Smyth) can be found here -

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